Slovakia's mountain chalets opening after the coronavirus

Many do not offer lodgings yet and not all fulfil hygienic conditions.

Chalet under Kľačianska Magura, Malá FatraChalet under Kľačianska Magura, Malá Fatra (Source: TASR)

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After more than two months, services in the mountains are starting to return to their level of operation before the pandemic measures.

A helping hand in the heart of Europe offers for you Slovakia travel guide. A helping hand in the heart of Europe offers for you Slovakia travel guide. (Source: )

Until recently, all chalets were obliged to sell goods “through a window” and tourists may now enter a chalet or restaurant. The final list is at the end of the text. When learning more about the possibilities of hiking and accommodations, check our handy travel guide.

Let’s start with masks. They are not obligatory in the mountains for a long time, in case people maintain a distance from strangers (at least 5 metres).

However, masks are still obligatory in restaurants and other interiors. When eating or drinking, it is possible to put the mask down.

Restaurants may be open from 6:00 to 22:00. However, fewer people fit in the chalets’ restaurants than usual, as tables have to be at least two metres apart and only two people may sit at one table, or parents with children.

Chalets are usually crowded and under these circumstances it would be probably even more difficult than until now, so every tourist should be patient.

The staff has to wear masks too and use disinfectant for hands between serving individual tables. Moreover, tables and chairs have to be disinfected after each customer. Toilets should have liquid soap, paper towels and they have to be disinfected every hour.

Rules of accommodation

Rules for accommodation are not changing after this next phase of easing measures and that is why many mountain chalets will not be able to offer accommodation. It is recommended to check the situation before hiking.

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Since May 20, accommodation facilities can provide short accommodation but only in rooms with their own bathroom and toilet. After each guest, the room has to stay vacant for 24 hours, wellness centres and fitness centres should be closed, as well as pools and other interior free time activities within the facilities.

Many mountain chalets do not fulfil the given conditions and so do not offer accommodation. Some facilities found their own way – the Andrejcová shelter in the Low Tatras does not offer accommodation inside, but there is a spot for two tents near the shelter.

If you are planning to hike the ridge of the Low Tatras, your own tent is a must-have. Accommodation is possible only in the Mountain Service House Čertovica, STIV guesthouse and at Chalet Magurka in the settlement of Magurka. Reservations in advance are necessary.

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Chalets that offer refreshment and accommodation (The accommodation possibility is recommended to check ahead).

High Tatras

  • Chata pod Soliskom chalet,
  • Mountain hotel Popradské pleso,
  • Sliezsky dom,
  • Bílikova chata chalet,

Low Tatras

  • Chata Trangoška chalet,
  • House of the Mountain Service Čertovica,
  • Penzión STIV guesthouse Čertovica,
  • Chata Magurka chalet in settlement Magurka,
  • Andrejcová sheler in tents

Veľká Fatra

  • Mountain hotel Kráľova studňa (only hotel accommodation)

Chalets that offer only refreshments

High Tatras

  • Majláthova Chata chalet,
  • Chata pri Zelenom plese chalet,
  • Skalnatá chata chalet,
  • Zamkovského chata chalet,
  • Téryho chata chalet,
  • Zbojnícka chata chalet,

Belianske Tatry

  • Chata Plesnivec chalet (during weekends)

Western Tatras

  • Chata pod Náružím chalet (Chata Červenec chalet)

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