UPDATED: 28. MAY 2020, AT 21:57

New rules for wearing masks come into force

Chief hygienist announced further exceptions, effective from May 28 noon.

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New exceptions for wearing masks come into force on Thursday, May 28, at 12:00.

“Given the favourable development of the epidemiological situation in Slovakia, the Public Health Authority decided to extend the exceptions concerning the covering of the upper respiratory tract,” the authority wrote on its website.

-Brides and grooms will not be required to wear masks during wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions.

-Pupils attending entrance exams, exams before a commission, language exams, proficiency tests and examinations at the end of education and training will be exempt from wearing masks.

-Students taking state language exams will also be exempt.

The exceptions concerning exams were granted due to the character of the educational process, where both verbal and non-verbal communication between teachers and students is important, the Public Health Authority explained.

- In the workplace, people should wear masks in shared spaces and in contact with other people. The employer should secure at least a 2-metre distance between people.

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