Open swimming pools, no more special shopping hours, no big events until end of the year

Coronavirus measures will see another easing in the first week of June.

Mičurin in BratislavaMičurin in Bratislava (Source: Archive of Sme)

Hotels will be able to offer most services when wellness centres are allowed to open. Swimming pools should open before the summer season, and events for up to 500 people will be allowed.

PM Igor Matovič introduced another set of easing measures that will be valid as of June 3.

The state of emergency, however, remains valid. PM Matovič told the media on Monday that the state of emergency, which some lawyers have protested against as no longer necessary, imposes no limits on anyone but allows the government to supply hospitals with protective means. Once the state of emergency is scrapped, hospitals will have to buy it on their own. On Tuesday, the crisis staff is expected to discuss what to do with the emergency state.

Measures valid in Slovakia from June 3:

- Masks will be compulsory only inside, during events and when the distance between people is less than 2 metres.

- Competitive sports events are allowed again.

- Restaurants will not have to limit the number of people at one table, nor their opening hours. Tables still need to be placed at least 2 metres from each other.

- Visiting the Czech Republic and Hungary for no more than 48 hours will be allowed without having to go into quarantine upon return to Slovakia. Two documents proving residence will be required, even an electricity bill is accepted.

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- Taxi drivers are no longer obliged to have a barrier between the driver and clients in their cars. The government also cancelled the 15-minute compulsory break between individual clients. Air conditioning is allowed.

- Outdoor swimming pools, spas, fitness and wellness centres may open. Hotels that have these facilities may provide all these services.

- Casinos, zoos and botanical gardens can let visitors in, both interiors and exteriors.

- Special opening hours for seniors are cancelled. The limit for one customer in a shop has decreased to 10 square metres.

- At cultural events, it will be possible to have a chessboard form of seating instead of having a two-metre distance. Between individual visitors, at least one seat has to be empty. Artists are not required to have a COVID-19 test.

- Mass events – from June 10, maximum of 500 persons, from July 1 until the end of the year, maximum of 1,000 people.

- Accommodation – cancelled 24-hour break between accommodations in the same room; for the bathroom and toilet in the room it is still obligatory.

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