Health Minister started replacing people and several top managers had to go

Several changes criticised. Former director of the biggest children's hospital in Slovakia says the ministry failed to explain his surprising removal.

Marek KrajčíMarek Krajčí (Source: Sme/Jozef Jakubčo)

Several managers of major health care institutions operating under the Health Ministry, including Bratislava's hospital for children, were removed from their post in late May.

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Health Minister Marek Krajčí appointed four new managers on May 29. Spokesperson of the ministry Zuzana Eliášová said that the minister is familiarising himself with the work of the managers at the organisations running under the ministry along with their economic results.

“He temporarily appointed managers to vacant positions who will professionally represent the state, managing their institutions with zero tolerance to corruption,” the spokesperson said, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

Employees started petition

Personnel changes have occurred in several positions since Krajčí took over the ministry in March.

Recently, Krajčí removed Ladislav Kužela, former general manager of the National Institute of Children Diseases (NÚDCH) in Bratislava, the biggest children's hospital in Slovakia. Peter Magát was appointed to replace him and the position of medicine director went to Jana Kosnáčová.

Minister Krajčí insists that Kužela lost his trust. Kužela said that his removal was not explained to the management of the hospital. Krajčí replied that steps he has taken were proper and he pointed out the bad economic results of the institution management.

Meanwhile, about 190 people signed a petition against the removal of Kužela, the Denník N reported. Minister Krajčí responded that he is in touch with the new management of the hospital. Spokesperson Eliášová claimed that he will make an appointment with employees.

More positions saw changes

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More healthcare institutions saw changes in top positions. Dušan Michalko was appointed to the position of head of the Rescue Healthcare Service Bratislava and his counterpart in Košice is Bystrík Mucha.

Krajčí called on all honest and professionally-skilled people to participate in the selection procedure that will be organised for the vacant positions.

“Everyone has a chance to succeed,” Krajčí said, as quoted by SITA.

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