Construction work to result in further traffic restrictions in Bratislava

Two main roads will close several times in June, starting on the 5th.

Drivers will face further traffic restrictions in June due to construction works on future motorways and a ring road in Bratislava.Drivers will face further traffic restrictions in June due to construction works on future motorways and a ring road in Bratislava. (Source: D4R7 Construction)

Drivers will face several traffic restrictions this month for the construction of a Bratislava ring road, the D4 motorway and the R7 expressway.

Two main roads in Bratislava – the I/2 running from Petržalka to Rusovce and the I/61 stretching from the capital to Ivanka pri Dunaji – will remain closed for several days in June, as reported by the company D4R7 Construction.


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The I/2 road between Petržalka and Rusovce will close three times in June and once in July due to the construction of the motorway bridge, which is to be part of the D4 motorway stretching from Jarovce to Rača.

"The complete closure will be at the intersections of the future D4 and the I/2, between the intersection of roads I/2 - III/1020 - Rusovce," the company said.

The stretches will be closed on the following days: June 5-8, June 19-22, June 26-29, and July 3-6. Roads will thus remain closed from Friday to Monday, between 23:45 and 4:00.

"If the planned work is completed earlier, the full closure will end sooner," D4R7 Construction informed.

There will be a detour route available to drivers during the closures.

Bratislava – Ivanka pri Dunaji

There will be a further full road closure due to the construction of another bridge relating to the I/61 road, running from the capital to Ivanka pri Dunaji.

D4R7 Construction said the complete closure will occur at the intersection of the future D4, starting from June 12 at 22:00 to June 15 at 4:00.

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