City beach to spruce up a Bratislava waterfront after all

Beach with no admission fee will change its location.

Magio Beach on Tyrš Waterfront in Bratislava in summer 2014.Magio Beach on Tyrš Waterfront in Bratislava in summer 2014. (Source: TASR)

Bratislavans and visitors to Slovakia’s capital will not be deprived of a city beach experience this year even though Magio Beach will not come back after 13 years.

Slovak Telekom decided not to continue the city beach project in February, partly because of the revitalisation of Janko Kráľ Park in the Bratislava borough of Petržalka by the Danube, where the city beach was situated.

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However, an investor contacted the Bratislava Town Hall and announced its intention to bring the open-air free-time zone back to Bratislava this summer, the Index magazine wrote.

“After Slovak Telekom announced its intention to not continue the Magio Beach project, the Institute of Promotion company, which had organised Magio Beach for Slovak Telekom for many years, approached the capital with a proposal of a similar city beach concept on Tyrš Waterfront,” the Bratislava Town Hall told Index.

The capital is currently evaluating the company’s project, which should involve food corners, children’s zone, and space for sports and other activities. If approved, the construction of the city beach will start this month.

New location

The Bratislava Town Hall added that the city beach will change its location and be closer to the Old Town.

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Michal Svarinský, executive director of the Institute of Promotion, said that the city beach will be situated between the Aréna Theatre and the Old Bridge.

Free admission

Admission to the beach will be free.

"The main part of the funding for the operation will be covered by income from the project's commercial partners and income from restaurants," Svarinský said, as quoted by Index.

He added that their goal is to offer space for relaxation, sports, entertainment, and work.

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