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The national postal service, Slovenská pošta, issued Philatelic Olympiad, a postage stamp with a nominal value of €0.65, on June 5. The stamp is an allegory of wisdom illustrated through an owl looking through a magnifying glass at a philatelic album. The first Philatelic Olympiad took place in 1973. Throughout its history, participants had to deal with different topics, ranging from the success of athletes at the Olympics, the building of a socialist state, the history of Slovak cities, to the relationship of young people to technology.

In 2020, Slovenská pošta also launched a mobile app dedicated to postage stamps. The application, Filatelista, contains a complete collection of postage stamps of the Slovak Republic from 1993 to 2019. It is available in Slovak and English. For the time being, only Apple users can download the app.


1| Piešťany provides free shared bikes

Citizens and visitors of the spa town of Piešťany will be able to use at least 120 shared urban bikes. The first 45 blue bikes appeared in stands at the end of May.

2| Strong roots of rose-growing in Dolná Krúpa

The first mentions of this tradition were made in 1910. Today, the village is home to the biggest private rosarium in Slovakia.

3| A new cycling route runs along the Hornád River

A Košice cycling route connects the centre of the city with the borough of Krásna. The new route is almost 2 kilometres long.

4| A wooden path to be built over Počúvadlo

The promenade is to increase the safety of pedestrians visiting the lake near Banská Štiavnica. The wooden path, 350 metres long and 1.8 metres wide, will stand on oak piles along the banks of the lake.

5| Pajštún Castle: From Slovakia to Austria

The castle, whose history remains a mystery, is located about 25 kilometres from Bratislava near the town of Stupava. Tourists can see Austria from the top.


When Hans Christian Andersen visited Bratislava in 1841, he wrote in his notebook that it was a fairytale-like city, full of pretty girls and good wine. His statue, designed by Tibor Bártfay and erected on June 2, 2006, stands on Hviezdoslav Square. It is rumoured that he found inspiration for his book, The Little Match Girl, right in the Slovak capital.


If there was greater intensive cultural cooperation, it would help teach Slovaks to understand the Trianon Treaty, but Hungarians would also understand that Slovaks are here, were part of the same state, and have a right to their own place in the sun.

Historian Roman Holec


1| Rising efforts to revive once-famous apothecary Salvator

The City of Bratislava has become the exclusive owner of the neo-renaissance building, in which the legendary pharmacy used to be housed. The capital now wants to obtain the original furniture back from private hands as well.

2| Cows saved old oaks in the Šúr nature reserve

Returning cattle grazing to the location near Svätý Jur has already born its first fruit - the occurrence of several interesting species of insects and birds. Šúr is the largest wet moorland alder forest in Slovakia.

3| Hungary, despite oppression, also belonged to Slovaks

The Trianon Peace Treaty, signed 100 ago, resulted in the dissolution of the Kingdom of Hungary, of which Slovaks had been a part before the foundation of Czechoslovakia. This milestone contributed to the divergence of the two nations’ paths.

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