Good news from Slovakia: New app to connect applicants for material need with potential donors

It will be possible to help those in need by donating or purchasing items, or donating one’s time to deliver items or other services.

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The Kto Pomôže Slovensku (Whoever Helps Slovakia) initiative has launched an app that should connect applicants for material aid with potential donors.

The app will not serve as a platform for organising a financial collection, but mediate certain items, like protective equipment, food, clothing, basic toiletries and school supplies.

It will be possible to help those in need by donating or purchasing items, or donating one’s time to deliver items or other services, the SITA newswire reported.

Targeted aid

The app, created by the initiative and the Pontis Foundation, should connect people, companies and organisations offering help with those asking for help. It targets aid for places where it is needed.

“The fight is still not over and the impacts of the pandemic, mostly the economic ones, will mostly affect the vulnerable groups that lack resources to obtain everything necessary,” said Lucia Šicková, one of the founders of the Kto Pomôže Slovensku platform, as quoted by SITA.

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If companies or individuals have a surplus of anything and want to help someone, they can register their offer in the app.

“We will also use it to inform about what non-governmental organisations, medical workers or schools in a post-COVID-19 world need the most,” said Janka Desiatniková, project manager of the Pontis Foundation that will administer the app, as quoted by SITA. “So if a company or an individual really wants to help, they will find up-to-date information in one place.”

The applicants can submit their request for material aid after the registration and the approval of the profile by the Pontis Foundation.

The app is available at:

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