Changes to public transport in Bratislava as summer begins

Some bus routes and bus stops will change as of July 1.

The Bratislava Transport Company (DPB) will introduce several changes to the operation of public transport in the capital as of July 1, 2020The Bratislava Transport Company (DPB) will introduce several changes to the operation of public transport in the capital as of July 1, 2020 (Source: TASR)

With the summer holidays officially starting on the first day of July, the Bratislava Transport Company (DPB) has announced several changes to and updates on the operation of public transport within the capital.

“One of the most significant changes in July will be the resumption of tram traffic through a tunnel and along a Danube waterfront, where lines 4 and 9 will operate,” the company said.

A dozen stops will change their names as well. The company will also deploy more buses on some routes and redirect others. Here’s a list of major changes:

1) a 24-hour connection between Drotárska cesta and Bratislava’s main railway station

  • bus 41 will drive from Búdková through Drotárska cesta up to the main railway station
  • bus 64 will cease to drive on the Lovinského – Jelačičova route since 41 will drive to and from the railway station
  • with the extension of the route operated by 41, people will have an opportunity to change buses at the Sokolská bus stop (including 204 and 209 to Trnavské mýto)

2) more buses in the Nové Mesto neighbourhood and route changes

  • buses 51 and 151 will be redirected and will drive more frequently
  • 51 will run every 15 minutes all week long while 151 will run every 30 minutes from Monday to Sunday
  • 51 will operate on the Vozovňa – Nobelova – Vajnorská – MiÚ Nové Mesto (shopping mall Vivo!) route
  • 151 will operate on the Trnavské mýto – Poliklinika Tehelná (clinic) – OD Slimák (department store) – Lopenícka route
  • the area around Riazanská Street will continue to be serviced by buses 50 and 98
  • no straight direction between Nobelova and Tehelná Street and Trnavské mýto, but more connections will head towards Nobelova Street and the surroundings 24/7 (well connected to tram line 4, which will take passengers to the city centre)

“On the way from Nobelová to Poliklinika Tehelná, we recommend using the transfer from tram lines to bus 151 at the Riazanská stop or at Trnavský mýto or walking from the trams from the Odbojárov stop near Tehelná Street,” the company said.

3) Vlárska Street

  • bus 209 will drive in the evenings up to the National Oncology Institute of Slovakia

4) buses 210 and 211 will drive more frequently

  • 210 will drive more frequently, every 7.5 minutes, during weekdays throughout the school year (in the mornings, the interval will shorten to 6 minutes)
  • with 211 running more frequently, passengers will not have to wait at Patrónka as long as before. It will also make the connections between western parts of Bratislava and Kramáre hospitals more comfortable

5) changes to N37

  • the night bus will not drive from and up to the Tesco Lamač stop anymore since the store shortened its opening hours
  • bus 37, leaving from Záhorská Bystrica towards the SNP Bridge at 23:07 and 23:37, will change to N37 and will stop at the main railway station (passengers can change for another night bus here)

6) changes to buses 29 and N29

  • the night bus, N29, will stop at the Devín, Svätopluk stop (its name will change to Hrad Devín – Castle Devín), which will be its final stop; the stop will be located near a cemetery
  • since many of the stops on '29' will change their names, a new timetable will be issued (with no changes in departures)

7) tram lines 4 and 9

  • these tram lines will run through the tunnel again, but no date has been announced yet
  • tram 4 (towards Zlaté piesky and railway station in Nové mesto), will run through Jesenského and Mostová when driving towards the tunnel and through Vajanského nábrežie and Šafárikovo námestie when driving out of the tunnel; the tram will drive through Vajnorská, Krížna and Špitálska as well.
  • tram line 9 will drive to and from the Ružinov neighbourhood through Blumentál, Obchodná and Kapucínska
  • tram lines 4 and 9 will swop their numbers ahead of the Chatam Sófer stop - 4 will change to 9 when leaving from the SNP Bridge tram stop towards Ružinov and 9 will change to 4 after its departure from the Kapucínska stop, heading towards Zlaté piesky and Nové mesto

8) Names of bus stops will change

By July 1, some bus stops in the Devín area should be renamed, the DPB claimed, to make transport to the castle easier for tourists.

Devín, SvätoplukHrad Devín
Devín, školaSlovanské nábr.
Ivanská cestaPlanét
Morava IPod Dev. Kobylou
Morava IIMorava
Námestie sv. Cyrila a MetodaCyril a Metod
SLOVANETLíščie nivy
Stará IvanskáNa križovatkách
Štrbská, Hrad DevínŠtrbská
Trávna, DREVONATrávna
Záhumenice, DREVONAZáhumenice

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