Volkswagen scraps plans in Turkey and might look at Bratislava instead

Reports suggest the German carmaker might widen its production in its plant in Slovakia.

Volkswagen SlovakiaVolkswagen Slovakia (Source: SME)

German carmaker Volkswagen's dropped plans to build a brand new factory in Turkey could lead to an extension of the number of models produced at the VW plant in Bratislava. The models that might arrive in Bratislava are the Passat and Superb.

“This would increase the usage of the plant’s production capacities and there would be a bigger chance that people in the plant would have work,” said Martin Jesný, an industrial analyst at Revue Priemyslu magazine, as cited by the SITA newswire, adding that an additional advantage would be that these models are different types of models than those currently produced in Bratislava and that they target different markets.

The Slovak arm of the German carmaker, Volkswagen Slovakia, has not confirmed the information.

“We do not comment on the potential allocation of products on principle,” said Lucia Kovarovič Makayová, spokesperson of VW Slovakia, as cited by SITA.

Scrapped plans in Turkey

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Volkswagen has decided against building a new factory in Turkey, car industry publication Automotiver News said on Wednesday, citing sources at the German carmaker.

The slump in demand for cars across the globe means that adding more capacity is “unnecessary from today’s perspective,” Volkswagen said in an emailed statement on Wednesday, according to German media like the Handelsblatt newspaper.

The €1.3 billion facility with a capacity of 300,000 cars was to serve as a production hub for Volkswagen in the Middle East and other nearby markets. It should have replaced the production of the carmaker in Emden, Germany, which should switch to the production of electric cars.

The German carmaker said it would now produce new cars at existing facilities instead.

“Volkswagen will produce the new generation Passat and Superb in its plant in Bratislava,” writes the Automotive News website referring to sources within Volkswagen. Based on them, the carmaker has already decided over producing Passat and Superb in Bratislava, SITA wrote.

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If confirmed, analyst Jesný sees this as positive news because the plant in Bratislava would produce middle-class models on a slightly different platform than it has produced so far. Moreover, even though these models are not the most popular on the market, they have stable clients.

“These are traditional cars of companies’ fleets,” said Jesný, adding that moreover, their attractiveness is increased by the fact that both models have also an electrified hybrid version.

He further highlights that the plant in Bratislava has very good results in quality and production effectiveness, and simultaneously it is a well-running plant producing many models under one roof. During the time being, the Bratislava plant manufactures premium SUVs and small city cars.

“Such a solution [moving the production of Passat and Superb] is definitely more efficient than building a brand new plant in uncertain times,” said Jesný.

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