Summer train takes tourists to spectacular places near Bratislava

Záhoráčik is back on the railway.

(Source: Courtesy of BSK)

The popular summer train Záhoráčik successfully started its fourth summer season on the first weekend of July. Záhoráčik takes tourists to interesting places around Záhorie region. Discover more interesting places around Slovakia with our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide.

It will commute three times per day every weekend until mid-September. The train starts at Bratislava Main Station and ends at Plavecké Podhradie.

The train is equipped with a special cycling carriage and is operated by national carrier Železničná Spoločnosť Slovensko (ZSSK).

Summer trains

The popular train connection was suspended due to the coronavirus, but the Transport Ministry together with ZSSK, in the end, decided to renew it.

“It is great news for citizens of the region and also for tourism,” said Bratislava region’s chairman Juraj Droba.

The summer train Záhoráčik is one of ten projects that should motivate people to travel in Slovakia by train. Summer trains will travel all around Slovakia from July 4 to September 15.

Places to observe

Travellers who use the summer train Záhoráčik will be able to travel to Plavecké Podhradie, from where it is possible to reach Plavecký Castle and the lookout tower at Vápenná.

They can also walk along the educative path Plavecký Kras, which belongs among the most beautiful paths in Slovakia. The Small Carpathians provide a spectacular view of the picturesque surroundings while the Záhorská Lowlands come into full view from Vysoká peak, which is accessible from the village of Kuchyňa. Kuchyňa is also an ideal starting point for cycling routes to the Zochova chalet or lookout tower Veľká Homola.

Spectacular Slovakia travel guides

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