Police seized a record amount of meth from Mexico

The value amounts to some €300 million, according to Financial Administration estimates.

(Source: TASR)

The Financial Administration has recorded a historical success. The members of the financial police from the customs office in Nitra discovered 1.5 tonnes of meth imported from Mexico with the help of a service dog.

The amount of detained drugs has no precedent in Slovakia’s history, commented spokesperson of the Financial Administration, Ivana Skokanová.

The value of the seized drugs amounts to some €300 million. When divided into a user’s dose, its value is several times higher, about €2 billion, she added.

“The armed members of the Financial Administration from the customs office in Nitra checked two metal tanks for liquids, which had been identified as a risky custom operation,” Skokanová said.

Well-known drug route

The consignment was checked because it arrived from a well-known drug route from Mexico. The goods were transported from Mexico via a Croatian port with the aim of clear the goods in Slovakia. From Slovakia, it was supposed to be transferred freely throughout the EU, Skokanová added.

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Police officers used several technical tools when checking the goods, including mobile scanning devices and a crane for the handling of oversized goods.

The service dog Hutch with his dog handler identified the illegal goods in the tank.

Police officers drilled holes in the bottom part of the tank and discovered 1.5 tonnes of a white crystalline substance, whose primary analysis defined it as methamphetamine.

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