Tatra rack railway needs repair

Its operation will be suspended for more than half year.

(Source: TASR)

Anyone who has not taken the opportunity to enjoy a ride on the Tatra rack railway will now have to wait a while because on July 6 its operation was halted for six months. However, the shut down is for a good reason.

Tatras travel guide: A fresh take on the stunning soul of Slovakia. Tatras travel guide: A fresh take on the stunning soul of Slovakia. (Source: Spectacular Slovakia)

Slovak Railways (ŽSR) have started a complex reconstruction of the Tatra rack railway between the stations of Štrba and Štrbské Pleso. Work will last until February 6, 2021.

The infrastructure of the rack railway is tens of years old and needs repair, said Tomáš Kováč, spokesperson of the Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK).

“We are aware that this limitation will cause complications for visitors to the High Tatras in the coming summer and winter seasons, but viewing it in the long term, this reconstruction was needed to ensure the increase of the capacity of the railway and it will allow the operation of our new Swiss hybrid units to be gradually introduced without problems,” said Filip Hlubocký, managing director of ZSSK, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

ZSSK will ensure bus transport is laid on instead of the trains during the reconstruction. At the train station at Štrbské Pleso, the buses will be next to the station building.

Stations for the bus transport have been established at Štrba, Tatranský Lieskovec, Štrbské Pleso (bus station High Tatras and also central parking).

Groups over ten people should report their journey to the contact centre in advance, so ZSSK can ensure their transport without problems.

New carriages will arrive

Next year, there will be five new hybrid rack units and one multifunction engine that will complement the current flotilla.

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“The new carriages will be equipped with modern safety and information systems, thanks to which travellers will have information about the route, the current location of the train and the direction of the carriages,” Kováč said, as quoted by TASR. “It will include a camera system. Thanks to the system of anonymously counting passengers, ZSSK will have detailed information about the number of travellers that pass through the doors.”

He added that air-conditioning, electric sockets and wi-fi connection are a matter of course. There will also be space for storing bikes, skis and snowboards and prams. The entrance will be barrier-free and there will be special space for immobile travellers.

The new hybrid carriages will be used on the rack railway and also on the Tatra electric railway.

In the meantime, if you want to discover some of the other fantastic places in the Tatra region, check out our guide.

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