One of Bratislava's major landmarks will change. Take a look at the new Istropolis

Developer Immocap finally unveils plans for a brand new cultural and social centre.

New Istropolis New Istropolis (Source: Courtesy of Immocap)
Lost in Bratislava? Impossible with this City Guide! Lost in Bratislava? Impossible with this City Guide! (Source: Spectacular Slovakia)

The existing Istropolis culture and congress centre in Bratislava will be pulled down and replaced by a brand new one. After 2.5-years of preparations, the developer Immocap unveiled its plans for one of the most anticipated developments in Bratislava on July 17.

“Our intention is to turn the now dead and dysfunctional zone at Trnavské Mýto into a vital district full of culture, greenery and public spaces,” said Martin Šramko, CEO of the development company Immocap during the presentation of their vision of the new cultural and social centre Nový Istropolis on July 16.

The visualisations of the design for the new development show that the architects have incorporated elements of the old Istropolis such as the form of the main façade and the wavy ceiling from the congress hall, as well as some its pieces, for example the flag poles and lamp posts and the fountain, in order that the new venue will still bear traces of the old one.

The developer wants the new venue consisting of the culture and congress centre, shops, offices, flats and public space to patch over a hole in the market as Bratislava lacks a modern venue for holding large MICE events. The multi-functional hall of the new centre is designed to take up to 3,000 spectators with the possibility of extending the number up to 5,000 during concerts.

“Such a centre could start up MICE tourism in Bratislava,” said Šramko.

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The developer refused to disclose any other details of the new development, on which it has been working with the Dutch design firm KCAP, its partner studio Cityförster, Charcoalblue, urban planner Igor Marko and other experts.

“This is just our investment idea, on which we will continue working with our partners,” said Šramko, estimating the planned investments at tens of millions of euros and completion by 2025.

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Istropolis, the former House of the Trade Unions, is a complex that encompasses a culture and congress centre, an office tower, a theatre, some other adjacent buildings and a science centre, which is the only one not owned by Immocap. The venue features the biggest congress hall in Slovakia with a capacity for 1,280 people, originally designed to host the congresses of the Communist Party. During the last few years it has suffered from lack of investment and maintenance and fell into disrepair.

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