Bratislava changes waste collection as of August

Family houses in seven of Bratislava’s boroughs will separate waste in recyclable sacks.

Collection of separated waste for family houses will change.Collection of separated waste for family houses will change. (Source: TASR)

Bratislava is changing its system of separation and collection of waste paper, plastics, metal packaging and beverage cartons. Instead of putting separated waste into special containers, households will get recyclable sacks which will be collected directly from the front of their family houses. The new system will be initially introduced in seven boroughs from the beginning of August, Bratislava city council informs on its website.

“The aim is to increase separation and maintain cleaner public spaces as well as to increase the comfort of waste collection for Bratislavans,” the city council explained in the post.

The new system will be first introduced in the boroughs of Vajnory, Vrakuňa, Podunajské Biskupice, Petržalka, Staré Mesto, Devínska Nová Ves and Devín.

To make the transition to the new system easier, the existing coloured bins for separated waste, i.e. paper, glass and plastic, will remain available at their current locations. Waste glass will continue to be collected in the existing containers.

During July, workers of the municipal waste collection company OLO are distributing sacks to households living in family houses in the given boroughs. Each household will get two rolls with 25 sacks in each. This will provide each household with two blue sacks for waste paper (240 litres in total), and two yellow sacks for plastics, metal packaging and beverage cartoons (240 litres in total) per month. If a household fills more sacks, OLO will also collect these.

OLO will collect the separated waste directly from the front of the house i.e. where households keep containers for municipal waste, once a month.

The new system will be introduced in the remaining 10 boroughs in early 2021.

Currently, there are about 250 stands with bins for separated waste across the city. It is estimated that the new system will increase the level of separation by 20 percent.

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