When will UK add Slovakia to the ‘green list’?

Explaining the situation in the UK to locals is a painful process for an expat in Slovakia.

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The UK coronavirus situation, which the expats in Slovakia have been watching with some trepidation, seems to have finally climaxed with the UK not placing Slovakia on its ‘green list’ of countries that are at low risk of exporting coronavirus into the UK.

Boris Johnson steps up to the podium at media conferences, time after time, pontificating that all elected politicians take the expert advice of their civil servant specialist advisors.

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Perhaps these very professional special government advisors have been following events in Europe deliberately with horse blinkers on. This must be to try and shy away from the indisputable facts, published in English, that show more than one former eastern bloc country has had a much lower infection and death rate than the great state powers of Europe.

Now suddenly even the UK Prime Minister has to do an about-turn with regard to the special advisors’ professional advice over face coverings.

Could he be persuaded to do a similar about-turn and add Slovakia to the ‘green list’ and declare this is part of the latest special advisors’ professional advice?

I am happy to be an expat living in Slovakia, but currently find explaining the disgraceful shambles in the UK to my Slovak friends and clients a somewhat painful process to say the least.

Edwin John Skelton, Banská Bystrica

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