News digest: Matovič survives, England and Scotland open

Read your overview of news from Slovakia on July 24, along with some tips for good weekend reads.

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This is your overview of news from Slovakia on Friday, July 24, 2020. Read all you need to know about events that happened in Slovakia today in less than 5 minutes, and make sure to scroll down for some good weekend reading tips.

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Matovič survived, but is criticised for his behaviour towards journalists

The parliament voted on the future of Igor Matovič as prime minister in the early hours on Friday, following a heated 15-hour-long debate.

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Matovič and his government will thus continue and as Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) MP Anna Zemanová said, they consider the plagiarism of the prime minister a closed case.

The reaction of Igor Matovič to the reports about his plagiarism during his July 22 press conference, however, attracted criticism of international press freedom watchdogs, who have noticed the prime minister attacked the Denník N daily reporter and called her a liar.

England lets travellers from Slovakia in without quarantine

After a diplomatic back-and-forth between the UK and Slovakia, travel between the two countries has partly returned to normal.

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Public Health England (PHE) revised its list of countries where self-isolation is not required for arrivals to England, and added Slovakia to it as of Tuesday, July 28.

Scotland has made the same decision on the same day.

The decisions are valid for England and Scotland respectively, not the entire UK.

In other news on Friday:

  • Preparations for the Rainbow Pride March in Bratislava, taking place mostly online this year due to the COVID-19 measures, are underway. The festival programme will be broadcast online on Saturday. The diplomatic community in Slovakia has supported the Pride with a joint statement.
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  • General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár ends his term of office as of August 10 and will be replaced by his first deputy, Viera Kováčiková, until his proper replacement is elected by parliament, the Office of the President informed. Čižnár's seven-year term ended on July 17.
  • Bratislava has released limits placed on visits to social care homes that fall under its auspices. The authorities say the decision was made based on cautious observation of the coronavirus situation in Slovakia. TASR
  • Slovakia has six weeks to decide if it will continue preparing for full membership of the European Space Agency or will become an associate member only. The Education Ministry opines the second option is better for the country. SITA
  • The State Institute for the Control of Drugs revealed fake COVID-19 tests during an inspection at the Unipharma company. The tests with falsified data are from the Laverna Trade company. The Institute calls on citizens and pharmacies not to buy these tests and notes that currently no self-tests for COVID-19 are registered in Slovakia.

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