Government wants to save on IT by launching state software house

Its core labour force will consist of Wirecard specialists.

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The government wants to create a Košice-based IT company to work for the needs of the state. The aim of the state software house is to save money, fundamentally improve services for people and clean up the informatisation of corruption. Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) and Investments, Regional Development and Informatisation Minister Veronika Remišová (Za Ľudí) unveiled the plan on Friday, July 24, in Košice.

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“We intend to set up a state software house with the aim of acquiring the best of the programmers available in Slovakia for the state,” said Matovič, as cited by the TASR newswire. “In this case, we’re offering an opportunity to take over essentially all employees of a top software company that could form the basis of such a software renewal of the state.”

Together with Remišová, Matovič met with the employees of the IT company WireCard Slovakia, which got into trouble after its Munich-based parent company Wirecard declared insolvency in June and asked the court for protection from creditors. They offered roughly 300 employees of the Košice-based company a transition to state services. While their reactions were optimistic, the state IT company could further increase the number of experts in its ranks, Matovič specified.

Remišová would like to see the state IT company set up by September 1.

“We’ll take steps to establish this company, and, of course, we want to do everything we can to make the whole teams functional so that they can get to work as soon as possible,” said Remišová, as cited by the SITA newswire. “There is a huge number of projects and work on state IT. Only now there are projects worth €700 million which should have originally been carried out through external suppliers. If we could solve only a small part of them internally, we’d save a lot of state money.”

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