See the sky like our ancestors saw it in Poloniny

Visitors may lie down and watch the sky.

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The best place to observe the night sky free of light pollution in Slovakia is in the east, at Poloniny national park.

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The local night sky park was established ten years ago, said director of the Vihorlat astronomical observatory in Humenné, Igor Kudzej. He explained that the purpose was to see the night sky as our ancestors saw it and preserve it for future generations. It is also possible to observe the stars via professional instruments.

“The specialness of this park also lies in the fact that it is one of the rare number of night sky parks in Europe, if not the only one, with the professional observatory on the Kolonické saddle, offering visitors tours of the night sky,” Kudzej explained, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

Lying down and watching the stars

The reason why the stars can be observed in this location is the minimum development of industrial activities in the area of Poloniny.

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This produces so-called light pollution that makes the observation of the starry sky impossible.

In addition to observing the sky on a new rotating platform while lying down, the observatory offers other services during the summer. Visitors can enjoy a 3D projection of films on astronomy and astronautics, as well as join a guided tour of technological devices, or join other lectures on demand on astronomy, the environment, light pollution and its impact on a person, Kudzej informed.

Avoid the full moon

When visiting the observatory, it is best to choose a day with nice weather. “The best conditions are in the new moon or quarter moon phase,” he noted, as quoted by TASR. “Not the full moon phase, because the moon functions as one big neon light.”

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The time the observation begins depends on the sunset. The times are published on, where it is possible to book a visit.

The daily number of visitors is limited to 20 to ensure the comfort of visitors and due to coronavirus measures.

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