Don’t drink the water from private wells near Istrochem

Health authority warns people to use water from the public water mains instead.

IstrochemIstrochem (Source: TASR)

The regional health authority is calling on people not to use water from private wells near the chemical factory Istrochem and to only use safe water from the public water mains instead, in advice issued by the regional office of the Public Health Authority (ÚVZ) for Bratislava.

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Bratislava’s borough of Nové Mesto asked the regional office for its opinion in response to the declassification of a report about high environmental pollution on Istrochem’s premises.

“Pending the publication of the official results of a survey of the environmental burden and designing and implementing effective remediation measures, we consider water from private wells in this area to be unsuitable for drinking and personal hygiene in the long term,” reads the health authority’s opinion, published on the borough's website.

The call pertains to private wells in the localities of Mierová Kolónia and Nobelova Street in the Bratislava’s borough of Nové Mesto, near the chemical factory Istrochem. The health authority considers the water to be unsuitable for drinking and personal hygiene as well as for watering gardens with table vegetables and fruits. It recommends using this water for ornamental plants, lawns or hedges at most.

It stresses that safe water from the public water mains should be used instead. Rain water can also be used for watering gardens.

Contaminated water

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The non-parliamentary party Spolu commissioned an examination of water from a well in the Mierová Kolónia district. It informed in early July that pesticides in the water have been exceeding allowed limits by 199 times. 32 kinds of pesticides were identified in the water sample, of which 14 exceeded the limit set by the law.

The party also brought attention to the results of the 10-year old, previously classified report confirming massive contamination of groundwater and soil on the 150-ha premises of the Istrochem company in early June.

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