News digest: Deputy interior minister quits, more weather warnings issued

Read the overview of news from Slovakia from Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

The former police officer and member of the Military Intelligence, Lukáš Kyselica, has decided to step down as the state secretary at the Interior Ministry. The former police officer and member of the Military Intelligence, Lukáš Kyselica, has decided to step down as the state secretary at the Interior Ministry. (Source: Sme)

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Interior Ministry's deputy minister resigns

Lukáš Kyselica has stepped down as the state secretary of the Interior Ministry, following the reports on his work for the military secret service, PM Igor Matovič wrote on Facebook. He is leaving of his own will.

The former police officer joined the Military Intelligence Service in October 2019 and worked for them during the entire pre-election campaign, until he became an MP for the now senior ruling party OĽaNO in March 2020.

While OĽaNO ministers, Jaroslav Naď (defence) and Roman Mikulec (interior), trust Kyselica, some coalition MPs, as well as the representatives of the major opposition party Smer had called on him to resign.

Nonetheless, it is questionable whether he breached any law.

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Novocký appointed a European prosecutor

The Council of European Union has appointed 22 European prosecutors of the new European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO), who will supervise investigations into financial criminal activities and prosecutions as of late 2020.

Slovakia will be represented by Juraj Novocký, working at the Special Prosecutor's Office since 2008. He, among others, supervised the investigation of the Ján Kuciak murder.

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Embargo on a drug trafficking case

It did not take long for customs officers in Nitra, who discovered the largest illegal amount of drugs from Mexico in Slovakia's history several weeks ago, to post pictures on Facebook.

However, the police and a regional prosecutor's office have gone quiet about the case.

"I dare ask you for maximum reticence, with regard to the ongoing actions and the possible endangering of the investigation results, or even the lives of specific persons," a regional prosecutor said.

Legal enforcement authorities did not even explain why the police failed to apply the institute of so-called controlled supply to track the real recipients of the drugs.

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In other news:

  • As many as 23 people were positively diagnosed with the coronavirus disease in Slovakia on July 27. Check out more detailed statistics here.
  • The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) has issued weather warnings against storms and heat for July 29 and 30.
  • As many as 56 people collapsed on July 27 due to high temperatures, with the Košice Region reporting the highest number of people fainting (10) and the Nitra Region the least (3).
  • Thw Airbus A319 from Kenya landed in Bratislava on July 27, with a total of 40 homecomers from 11 countries, including seven Slovaks, the Interior Ministry informed on Facebook. The ministry’s plane then carried Slovak humanitarian aid, including COVID-19 tests, respirators, and clothing, to Kenya.
  • The Defence Ministry may use $50 million from the United States to buy Black Hawk helicopters and additional equipment for the helicopters that Slovakia already owns, Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď said. Alternatively, lighter helicopters could be purchased.
  • Bratislava police officers are investigating the robbery of a casino at the Berg border crossing, which occurred early Tuesday morning. Two robbers stole €66,000, nobody was injured, the police informed on Facebook.
  • Slovaks invested significantly less assets in their firms year-on-year, only €355 million, even though entrepreneurs set up more companies in 2019 than the year before, according to the Bisnode consulting company.

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