Coming from a risky country? You can now register online

These people still need to stay in home isolation and undergo testing.

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A new feature has been recently introduced for people who have been in a country not labelled “low-risk” (the list can be found here).

Those who come from such a country or have visited on in the past 14 days need to report to the respective regional branch of the Public Health Authority (RÚVZ). They can do so either by phone or electronically. RÚVZ will provide them with necessary information and the rules for home isolation. It will also arrange the testing that will take place no sooner than on the 5th day after their arrival.

People who want to use the electronic option can write an email or use the recently introduced online form at the website.

The form requires filling in a phone number, a place of isolation, and the name of an attending physician. Based on the data, RÚVZ will arrange a testing that will take place no sooner than on the 5th day of their arrival.

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People coming from risky countries need to stay in home isolation until their test result is negative. Children younger than three years of age do not need to undergo testing.

People living in the same household need to remain in home isolation.

At the same time, every person coming from a risky country or those visiting one in the past 14 days need to call their attending physician, who will, if needed, issue a sick leave for them. If people, regardless of the country they come from, register any respiratory problems, they need to contact their attending physician to discuss further steps.

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