Brits in Slovakia need to get a new document due to Brexit

UK government have launched an info campaign to help Brits in Slovakia navigate Brexit before the transition period ends.

Flags tied to railings outside Parliament are reflected on a wet pavement in London, January 24, 2019.Flags tied to railings outside Parliament are reflected on a wet pavement in London, January 24, 2019. (Source: AP/TASR)
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British citizens living in Slovakia and other EU countries will need to take action to secure their rights after Brexit.

The UK government has launched an information campaign and a £3 million support fund to assist those British nationals who might struggle to complete their residency or registration forms by the time the transition period ends on December 31, 2020.

"The residency status of Brits in Slovakia is protected automatically but the Foreigners’ Police need UK nationals to get a new document that will enable them to show they are protected by the Withdrawal Agreement," the outgoing British Ambassador to Slovakia Andy Garth said in an earlier interview with The Slovak Spectator.

Brits living in Slovakia have until June 2021 to do so, he added.

Within the Foreign Office's information campaign, the UK nationals living in Slovakia will receive information about specific actions they need to take to keep their rights and access to services in Slovakia, including residency, healthcare, driving licences and passports, the embassy told The Slovak Spectator.

The campaign will use multiple channels – including Facebook, digital media and newspaper advertising, urging people to take necessary action to protect their rights so that they can continue living, working and travelling in Europe after the transition period.

“Brits in Slovakia should visit our Living in Guide where they can find out about the steps they need to take and get important information about residency, healthcare, passports and driving licences in Slovakia,” Ambassador Garth recommended.

The up to £3 million in grant funding for charities and other voluntary organisations within the UK Nationals Support Fund is meant to provide practical support to help UK nationals who may struggle to complete residency or registration applications – for example those who have mobility difficulties, are disabled or elderly. These groups may need extra help to complete any paperwork in preparation for the end of the transition period, the embassy explained.

The British Embassy in Bratislava continues to run a range of activities to reach UK nationals including in partnership with IOM.

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