News digest: Slovakia is a red zone country, ex-state secretary Jankovská remains in custody

Check out the overview of news from Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

Monika Jankovská (centre) will remain in custody.Monika Jankovská (centre) will remain in custody. (Source: TASR)

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Slovakia on Ukraine’s red zone list

Ukraine has put Slovakia, along with other European countries, on the red zone list.

As a result, those travelling to Ukraine must undergo 14 days of self-isolation. They can also take the COVID-19 test. If negative, their self-isolation ceases.

Floods may occur in Bratislava

The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) has issued a first-degree warning against floods in Bratislava that will be in place until the morning of Thursday, August 6.

The first-degree warning means that there is relatively minimal danger and a little damage to property could occur.

SHMÚ does not recommend recreational sailing on the river.

Jankovská remains in custody

Ex-state secretary of the Justice Ministry and former judge Monika Jankovská will remain in custody as the Specialised Criminal Court dismissed her request to be released at the August 5 session.

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Jankovská has been in custody since mid-March 2020, after being detained during the Búrka (Storm) operation against the judges with contacts to Marian Kočner. She will challenge the court's decision, her lawyer Peter Erdős said.

On the contrary, the court accepted Denisa Cviková's request, who was also arrested during the Búrka operation, and released her from detention.

In other news

  • The number of people who have been positively diagnosed with the coronavirus in Slovakia has increased to 2,417. The August 4 testing revealed 49 new cases. Check more detailed statistics here.
  • No Slovaks were killed in the August 4 explosions in Beirut, the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry reported. The ministry remains in touch with local authorities though.
  • Slovakia’s Interior Ministry has offered an 18-member rescue team to help with the situation in Beirut after the August 4 explosions. It should be comprised of 12 firefighters, three dog handlers, one technician from the Mountain Rescue Service and two liaison officers from the crisis management division.
  • U.S. Steel Košice has scrapped 2,950 job positions in the past year, of which 475 were on the supply level. The company originally reported its intention to reduce its staff by 2,500 people as of the end of 2021. (SITA)
  • After three months of more significant declines, the retail trade turnover decreased by 1.6 percent year-on-year in June 2020, which has been the best result since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The easing of measures taken in connection with COVID-19 was reflected in positive month-on-month growth in all selected trade activities. (Statistics Office)
  • 829 people in Slovakia declared personal bankruptcy in July 2020, down by nearly 48 percent year-on-year. Compared with June, the number of personal bankruptcies rose by 1.6 percent, according to the CRIF – Slovak Credit Bureau analysis.
  • The D1 exits from Prístavný Most bridge in Bratislava to Bajkalská Street and Slovnaftská Street will be closed during the night between August 7 and 8 due to the construction of the Prievoz junction and the reconstruction of bridges. The closure will be in place until the end of March 2021. (SITA)

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