Coronavirus in Slovakia: July saw 12 outbreaks in the country

Statistics from the public health offices show young people were the biggest group among the infected.

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Slovakia has seen 12 local coronavirus outbreaks this July, with a daily average of 21 new coronavirus infections.

Eight outbreaks were local, two regional and one supra-regional, epidemiologists Jana Námešná and Mária Avdičová from the Banská Bystrica Regional Public Health Office reported in their analysis of the spread of COVID-19 in Slovakia in July, based on data from the Epidemiological Information System (EPIS).

Laboratories performed 52,784 tests in July. The tests returned 650 first-time positive results, meaning 1.24 of the tests were positive.

Most of the cases were asymptomatic - 395 cases, which make up 61 percent of all the detected infections. Another 198 of those infected reported the respiratory form of the disease, while 42 cases had the febrile form, six people had lung disease, and a rare occurrence of the sensory and intestinal form has also been recorded.

People aged 24-34 were the largest group among the infected, but COVID-19 occurred across all age groups, the TASR newswire reported from the analysis.

The Trenčín Region had the highest occurrence of the novel coronavirus, followed by the Bratislava, Prešov, and Žilina regions.

Hygienists recorded 250 cases of imported infections, from 32 countries. Most of the cases, 81, were brought from Ukraine, followed by Serbia with 65 cases, and Czechia with 48 cases. This was linked with the return of Slovak citizens from the Moravian-Silesian region, hit by the coronavirus, SITA newswire reported.

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