Second coronavirus wave has already arrived in Slovakia

The pandemic commission has adopted a pandemic plan.

Health Minister Marek Krajčí (centre) at the August 11 meeting of the pandemic commission.Health Minister Marek Krajčí (centre) at the August 11 meeting of the pandemic commission. (Source: SITA)

Although the current epidemical situation in Slovakia is worsening, it is under control.

“There’s no point in discussing the potential second coronavirus wave as the second wave has already arrived,” said Health Minister Marek Krajčí (OĽaNO) after the August 11 meeting of the pandemic commission, adding that the beginning is still relatively good in the country.

However, the commission opines that the group of experts should meet and reassess the situation in neighbouring countries. Instead of across-the-board measures, mostly local restrictions in hotspots are in play. However, it is possible that public gatherings may be prohibited, the Sme daily wrote.

Epidemiologists expect the second wave to peak in September when school starts.

At the same time, the commission approved a new pandemic plan for Slovakia. It first discussed the plan in late July, but failed to adopt it due to several comments, the TASR newswire reported.

The plan should help the country handle the pandemic of acute respiratory infections, including COVID-19, Krajčí added. It will now be submitted to the August 12 cabinet session.

Written confirmation for schools and no travel

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The commission also proposes that before going to school, children should show a written statement that they are not infected with the novel coronavirus and that they have not been abroad 14 days before school starts. The measure should prevent the mass spread of the disease, Sme wrote.

It is important that healthy children enter school, the health minister stressed. He does not recommend parents to travel with children even to countries labelled as safe before the beginning of the school year. He does not recommend it to adults without children either.

If a child travelled with his/her parents abroad 14 days before going to school, the child should stay in self-isolation, TASR wrote.

If parents want their children to start school earlier, they will have to pay for coronavirus testing, Sme wrote.

The proposal will also be submitted to the August 12 cabinet session.

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