Will the new Danube bridge be called Jarovský or Lužný?

Final vote to name the new Danube bridge will be completed by the end of this week.

The new bridge over the Danube.The new bridge over the Danube. (Source: Source: Courtesy of D4/R7 Construction)

Voting for the final name of the new three-km-long bridge over the Danube River, part of the D4/R7 Bratislava bypass, is in the final phase. The Transport Ministry has just launched the final poll on social networks inviting people to vote for the two shortlisted names: Jarovský Most derived from the name of the Bratislava borough near which it stands (Jarovce) or Lužný Most inspired by the type of biotrope in which it stands. i.e. alluvial forests and meadows. The poll will close on Sunday, August 23.

“The name of the bridge is a topic that deserves a broad and honest discussion,” writes Transport Minister Andrej Doležal.

The ministry launched the poll for the name of the new Danube bridge in July. People were able to select one name from each of four pairs in the quarter-finals with the winner of each pairing progressing to the next round. The same procedure was followed in the semi-finals with the winning pair making it through to the final.

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It was proposed that the bridge be named after significant Slovak personalities M. R. Štefánik or Alexander Dubček, the river whose banks it connects with (the Danube) or the Bratislava borough near which it stands (Jarovce), the type of biotope in which it stands (alluvial forests and meadows) or the name of the area in which it stands (Kopáč is the name of the protected area bordered by the Danube and its branches), the province of the Roman Empire bounded on the north and east by the Danube (Pannonia) or the country, from which Cintra, the main partner of the consortium Zero Bypass building the bypass, comes from, i.e. Spain.

The name Španielsky Most, Spanish Bridge, originally advanced to the final but after the ministry found out that most of the votes came from false accounts or accounts launched only for this purpose, this name was dropped from the poll.

The new bridge is part of the D4/R7 Bratislava ringroad. It actually consists of four interconnected bridges: the western bridgehead (785 m) bridging the Jarovecké arm of the Danube, the bridge above the kayak course (470 m), the bridge above the Danube (430 m) and the eastern bridgehead (1250 m) that goes over the Biskupské arm of the Danube. Of these, the last two have been already been connected. The whole bridge should be complete in 2021.

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