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After the first wave of coronavirus in Slovakia, the debate about the labour market has shifted from ponderings about the logistics of working from home and the disadvantages of open-plan offices, to matters that will be (and should long have been) perceived as being of vital importance to Slovakia.

The country already had these problems before, asserts Slovakia’s top expert on labour and education, Vladimír Šucha, in an exclusive interview for this publication. He goes on to list the problems, notably a lack of support for innovators, the automotive monoculture of the Slovak economy and labour market, and the lack of a qualified workforce the ever-more digitalised economy will require.

Education is a chapter of its own, and the crisis has exposed the weaknesses and the lack of a system in Slovakia. It has also hinted at ways improvements could be quickly and smartly made.

As deserted offices, factory halls and schools fill up again after the measures are eased, it will be up to the government and every stakeholder in the labour market to keep in mind the lessons learned.

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Explore Slovak labour market and human resource trends (for more details visit Explore Slovak labour market and human resource trends (for more details visit

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