He supported the protesters. The Belarusian ambassador to Slovakia now steps down

He considers his resignation a logical step.

Igor Alexandrovich LeshchenyaIgor Alexandrovich Leshchenya (Source: Youtube)

Belarusian Ambassador to Slovakia Igor Alexandrovich Leshchenya has resigned from his post, the Tut.by website, independent news media in Belarus, reported.

Leshchenya, who recently supported the protesters in his home country in a video, made the decision himself.

“It is a logical step as I was appointed ambassador by the incumbent president and I am expected to push through his policy,” Leshchenya told Tut.by. “The Foreign Affairs Ministry assumed that citizens’ position expressed in my statement exceeded this frame.”

Expressing support in video

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Leshchenya was the first head of Belarusian diplomatic representation to express solidarity with protesters in Belarus, who are demonstrating against the recent presidential election won by incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko.

“I feel solidarity with those attending the peaceful gatherings in the streets of Belarusian cities so their voices can be heard,” Leshchenya noted in the video.

Lukashenko has not accepted the resignation yet, the Slovak Aktuality.sk news website reported, referring to available sources.

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