The hardest ferrata in Slovakia opened in Skalka

Climbing the ferrata in Skalka attracts more and more people.

(Source: Courtesy of Culture and Information Centre Kremnica)

A new attraction awaits adrenaline junkies in the Kremnické Mountains.

A helping hand in the heart of Europe offers for you Slovakia travel guide. A helping hand in the heart of Europe offers for you Slovakia travel guide. (Source: )

The hardest ferrata route in Slovakia, marked with the letter F, has been introduced in the ferrata area in Skalka. Via ferratas range in difficulty, denoted with the letters B, C, E and F.

New rope bridge

“Climbing routes are connected with various technical features, such as bird nests, a pendulum, a beam and rope bridges,” said Alexander Ferenčík, mayor of Kremnica, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

Route Via Commo, a level C in difficulty, ends at the peak of rock massive. From this point, climbers use the 32-metre-long rope bridge, suspended at a height of 35 metres, to get to rock ridge, which offers views of the Skalka, Krížna and Turiec region.

The smallest visitors can enjoy time in Children’s Paradise with their parents when entering via ferrata world.

Only with ferrata sets

“Visitors are discovering Kremnica more and more and it is becoming a favourite destination for trips and holidays not only for Slovaks but also for foreign guests,” said Jiří Pěč, director of Regional Organisation of Tourism, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

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In addition to the historic town centre, which has a rich mining history, the recreational centre Skalka is an attractive point in the summer and also in the winter. It is also possible to explore this spot with our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide. Here, you can even find a ferrata with the longest suspended bridge.

When taking the ferrata route, it is necessary to use special ferrata equipment, which is possible to borrow from the Relaxation Centre in Skalka.

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