Most people in Slovakia fail to receive more than €1,000 net

The highest average wage goes to top managers and IT specialists.

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The highest average net wage is in Bratislava Region. Moreover, it is the only region in Slovakia where people receive more than €1,000, as stems from the recent analysis of the website.

The average gross wage in the capital amounts to €1,614 gross, meaning that the average net salary is €1,202.

Employees in all other regions receive a net salary below €1,000; those in Košice Region and Trnava Region are the closest to this threshold. On the other hand, the lowest net average salary is in Prešov Region, where the average employee receives around €770.

The net salary exceeds €1,000 in just two cities: Bratislava and Malacky, the analysis suggests.

Top management and IT belong to the best

The highest average salaries are in top management positions, where the gross wage amounts to €3,138 and net wage to €2,271.

Apart from that, people working in IT receive the most, but the net average wage is almost €1,000 lower than that of top managers.

On the other hand, ancillary workers receive only €718 gross, which represents about €574 net on average. Cleaning staff earns the least, only €636 gross, which represents €516 net.

There are several positions where the net income is lower than €500. This includes ancillary staff in kitchens, school caretakers, maids, seamstresses, doorkeepers, and caretakers, the analysis shows.

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