‘I pretended I wasn’t Roma to avoid being pointed out’

Roma student Daniel Bunda talks about discrimination, role models, changes,and more.

Roma student and volunteer Daniel Bunda is the latest guest on the Bringing World to the Classroom podcast. Roma student and volunteer Daniel Bunda is the latest guest on the Bringing World to the Classroom podcast. (Source: TASR)

When studying in primary school, one of Daniel Bunda’s teachers labelled him as ‘black’ and ‘Italian’.

The Roma student and volunteer explains what discrimination looked like in his case, why calling Roma people ‘gypsies’ should be avoided, and more.

Two years ago, Bunda - a recent LEAF Academy graduate - also talked to the United Nations about the need for inclusion of the Roma in Slovakia, saying the country is as powerful as its weakest element in society. So, have things changed in this regard?

Listen to Bringing World to the Classroom to find out what should, in Bunda’s opinion, change to really help the Roma minority.

EXAM TOPIC: Human relationships

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