Tip for a trip: Sklabiňa Castle is getting back in shape

Visitors may at long last visit a room under the roof.

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Sklabinský or Sklabiňa Castle located in Sklabinský Podzámok, several kilometres from Martin, a town in the Žilina Region possible to discover with our Žilina travel guide, caught the attention of the media two years ago when it appeared in a real estate listing for sale.

Find out more about a region of folklore, national parks and modern attractions in our Žilina Region Travel Guide. Find out more about a region of folklore, national parks and modern attractions in our Žilina Region Travel Guide. (Source: Spectacular Slovakia)

In March 2020, the castle finally found a new owner. It is the (OZ) Donjon civic association, which has been active concerning the castle since 2000, the regional daily My Turiec reported.

“For us members of the association, Sklabiňa Castle is not only a hobby but a commitment for one's whole life,” said Michal Svateník, head of OZ Donjon, as quoted by My Turiec.

They would like to get the castle into shape as seen in historical photos before 1944.

Association members started working in the spring. They had to clean the castle compound first. Later they started working on the northern bastion at the entrance, which could gradually acquire a roof.

The southern bastion has already gone through the reconstruction. It was disinfected and bleached with lime. Now, there is a space for a cash register and the selling of souvenirs. There's also an exhibition that presents the construction development of the castle with a small lapidarian. After long years, it is the first room under the roof castle visitors may enter.

Long-distance run

Michal Svateník added that the association plans to participate in the call of the Culture Ministry focused on renovation of cultural monuments.

If they are successful, unemployed people from the labour office may work on the castle as well. Before it was necessary to do archaeological and historical-construction research. Based on this, preservationists may issue permission for such adjustments.

“Our aim is to get seven or eight buildings under the roof, a plan for several dozen years,” he said, as quoted by My Turiec.

Top priorities are the complete reconstruction of the entrance bastion as well as the chapel and manor house, which belong among the most precious parts of the castle. Those have to be reinforced first to prevent their degradation.

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There are new information desks at the castle and members of the association roofed the carriage storage, which used to serve for the storage of carriages, broughams and sleighs. These exhibits can be seen today.

Regular events are organised at the castle. At the beginning of summer, there was the Castle Cuisine. In August visitors came for traditional Sklabiňa Castle festivities.

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