Infrastructure is an EU funds priority

Investments Minister Veronika Remišová has presented objectives for the next programming period.

Investments Minister Veronika RemišováInvestments Minister Veronika Remišová (Source: TASR)
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A priority for Slovakia for the following seven years will be to complete its infrastructure.

This stems from the objectives Investments Minister Veronika Remišová (Za Ľudí) introduced at the September 7 press conference. The country wants to invest €12.9 billion allocated from the EU funds for the years 2021-2027 in five strategic areas focused on innovations, ecology, social field, education, and quality of life in regions.

“Even after 15 years of investments, we still have quite a big investment debt,” Remišová said, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “The biggest investment for us is in the cohesion area, which means infrastructure."

Mostly investments in roads and highways or high-speed internet are lacking, she said.

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Moreover, following the EU priorities, 50 percent of the package should be spent on innovative and green technologies.

The sum is not final

Among the steps to achieve the presented objectives are digitalisation, support for science and research, the transition to a low-carbon economy, the development of quality and sustainable transport, the support of innovations and technology transfers, the adaptation to climate change, environmental protection and the removal of environmental burdens, as well as improved access to the labour market and the creation of new and high quality jobs, Remišová specified.

It is not clear for now how much money will go to the individual objectives.

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Remišová stressed that the €12.9 billion is not final since the EU budget still needs to be approved by the European Parliament. The final agreement should be ready next spring. Until then, Remišová wants to open a “wide national debate” on the presented objectives, which should start now in September.

“The plan we’re currently working on will not concern one government only,” the minister stressed, as quoted by TASR. "This is why it is important to find as broad agreement as possible."

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