New podcast series reveals what ambassadors think of living in Bratislava

New project offers a look at the capital through the eyes of foreigners.

BratislavaBratislava (Source: Sme)

The Slovak Spectator, in cooperation with the Bratislava Tourist Board (BTB), launched a podcast series in which ambassadors talk about their life in Bratislava.

They reveal not only interesting things from their lives, but also compare the capital of Slovakia with the cities they come from. A new episode will be online every second week, always on Mondays.

Podcasts are part of the Being a Tourist in One's Own City project. Ambassadors have been living in Bratislava for a long time and so they had a chance to get familiar with the capital and find their own special places.

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Discovering hidden places

Chair of the board of directors, Vladimír Grežo, noted that thanks to active cooperation with ambassadors, he had the chance to become familiar with their professions as well as habits and interests.

“Many of them are discovering unknown faces of our city, they are active in culture, the sport, even run the city marathon,” Grežo noted. “In the interviews, they reveal where they discover the beauty of Bratislava, what they like in our city, what they did not get used to and what is common and what different.”

The new project will reveal look at the capital of Slovakia in the eyes of foreigners. There will be ten episodes with the ambassadors of ten countries, in addition to European countries also from the US, Canada and India.

Irish Ambassador – keen hiker

The very first episode with Hilda Ó Riain, the Irish Ambassador in Slovakia, is already online.

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“How quickly from Bratislava you can get to the forest,” the Ambassador said about what surprised her about the capital. She revealed the first thing she learnt after arriving in Slovakia and teaches also a few words in Irish.

The podcasts are available at The Slovak Spectator and at podcast apps Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. The project was supported by the Transport Ministry.

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