Mountains calling: Sivý vrch and Babky

Wander through the meadows full of colourful flowers and the saddle overlooking 1,000-metre deep gaps.

Sivý vrch and BabkySivý vrch and Babky (Source: VaGa)

The tower of Vlasta. The Needle of Mount Patria.

It is hidden in the massif of Mount Patria in the High Tatras. It rises to heaven, a lonely rocky tower in a forgotten rocky town.

On the September 9, 1929, she climbed, together with Alexander Škarvan, to this unique needle of Mount Patria, later named for here, Vlasta's tower.

The “Štáflovka”, a climbing route from the southern side of the Volia veža tower, is legendary and has a cult-like following among Czech mountaineers.

Vlasta Štáflová, the female Czech mountaineer and writer, climbed it for the first time, together with Karel Čabelka and Jan Šabata, on July 9, 1935.

“It is the most beautiful place in the world,” she said, as she rented a chalet at the Popradské pleso mountain lake, together with her husband, Otakar Štáfl, the famous Czech painter.

The High Tatras has a smaller and greener brother, with a 42km long ridge and 33 peaks reaching 2,000 metres in height.

The Western Tatras or Roháče.

More than 650 flower species

“It is the most beautiful place,” said Valery.

And still, it is invisible from below. It is not majestic, nor high.

But there is a secret limestone town of flowers with white houses and Juraj Jánošík's treasure hidden at its heart.

It looks like a grey cap on the white rock from afar.

A hiking path starts under the forest, continues through the meadows full of unique colorful flowers, many found nowhere else in Slovakia. More than 650 species bloom here!

The path through the mountain pine reminiscent of the gaged Rebel's trail opens the view of the ridge of the Western Tatras.

And on the summit of Sivý vrch moutain, with one eye you will have a look at the Liptov region and the Liptovská Mara water reservoir, and with the other, the Orava region and the Oravská priehrada reservoir.

You will see Babky mountain. A grassy ridge evocating the Malá Fatra Mountain's ridge leads to its summit. Under the peak, you will recognize three sitting stony women, from whom it takes its name.

Learn about brave history

Standing on the top, you will admire the view of the majestic and monumental Baranec mountain, a father of the Liptov region, proudly protecting all its inhabitants.

Known once as The Great Mountain, it was considered the highest mountain of the Western Tatras.

It is not.

It is the third highest.

A yellow marked hiking path starts in the Žiarska dolina valley. It leads through the steep forest above the tree line up to a grassy ridge and granite summit.

The path to the Žiarske sedlo saddle overlooks 1,000 m deep gaps to the east and west. There the Chamois of the Tatras will greet you, and the eagle spreads its wings above you.

There these proud, magnificent, and strong rocks will embrace you.

Their light and shadow will play their game.

You will hike until you reach the Žiarska chata chalet, where you will taste the special herbal liqueur Svišťovka, and listen to a story about Romanian herder boys, who settled down in this territory in the 15th and 16th century. Their herds gave their names to mountains Baranec (“ram mountain”) and Volovec (“ox mountain”).

You will harken to a story about a brave chalet, which protected the partisans in WWII and therefore was burned in reprisal.

What next?

For the way back, you will rent a scooter only to stop its fast wheels to explore the cave and waterfall at the foothill of the Žiarska dolina valley.

And later, while relaxing in the unique open-air wellness Kaďa in the Liptovský Ján village, and watching the sunset, switching places with the moon and stars, you will believe the beauty of mountains is in their impregnability.

You will keep in mind, each way is a new goal, and when mountains are calling, you must go.

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