Weddings will be limited to 100 people

Fines for violating the rules will differ for green and red regions.

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The limitations for the number of guests at weddings will be milder starting in October.

Instead of the originally proposed cap of 30 guests, it will be possible to invite up to 100 people.

However, the fines for breaching the rules will be stricter, PM Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) told the September 16 press conference.

“We don’t want social life to stop in this situation,” Matovič added.

The new rules may come into force on October 1.

Controls and higher fines

The owner of the wedding venue must report the event to the regional Public Health Authority branch (RÚVZ) at least 48 hours before it takes place.

The hygienists accompanied by the police can then check the event at some point. If they find any violation of the currently valid rules, they will fine the owner of the place.

The fines will differ based on whether the region where the wedding takes place is in a green or red zone. The fines in the latter case will be twice as high.

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Currently, the fines for breaching the rules can be as high as €20,000.

Hygienists will publish more detailed rules later. It is clear now that a mask will not be required while eating and drinking, and when taking pictures.

The rules should be applied for all of Slovakia except for Bratislava Region, which has introduced its own rules.

No balls this year

As for dances and balls, Matovič expects that these will be impossible to organise this year.

The prime minister hopes that the balls held for secondary school students who are graduating (known as stužková) that usually take place in late autumn will be delayed to spring when the situation may be better.

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