Red-listed Czechia affects trains to and from Slovakia

The national carrier has limited a number of trains.

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Slovakia’s decision to include the Czech Republic among its red-listed countries has also affected the operation of trains running between the two countries.

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Several connections have been limited by the countries’ national railway carriers during the first days, with more changes coming into force on Friday, September 25. The capacity on the trains travelling between the countries will be reduced only minimally, according to Slovak state-run carrier ZSSK.

Private carriers do not plan to make any changes in their train schedules for now.

All carriers will be monitoring the situation and adjust to future developments.

Changes introduced by national carriers

The trains running between Bratislava and Prague will be affected as follows:

  • Railjet 285 Metropolitan Slovenská strela (dispatched at 19:44 from Prague) has not been running between the stops in Břeclav and Bratislava since September 22
  • Railjet 284 Metropolitan Slovenská strela (dispatched at 5:15 from Bratislava) has not been running between the stops in Bratislava and Břeclav since September 23

The trains running between Púchov and Prague:

  • Trains Ex 120 Valašský expres (leaving Púchov at 18:08), Ex 124 Valašský expres (leaving Púchov at 14:08), and Ex 128 Valašský expres (leaving Púchov at 10:08) have not been running between the stops in Púchov and Horní Lideč since September 22
  • Trains Ex 121 Valašský expres (leaving Prague at 5:23), Ex 125 Valašský expres (leaving Prague at 9:23), and Ex 129 Valašský expres (leaving Prague at 13:23) have not been running between the stops in Horní Lideč and Púchov since September 22

The carriers have promised to refund the tickets purchased for the cancelled trains without any cancellation fee.

More changes start on Friday

Trains running between Prague and Košice:

  • Trains SC 243 Pendolino Košičan (leaving Prague at 15:40 on Fridays) and SC 243 Pendolino Košičan (leaving Košice at 5:00 on Saturdays) will be cancelled from September 25
  • Trains SC 240/241 Pendolino Košičan will not be affected

Trains running between Prešov, Nové Zámky, Bratislava and Prague that include sleeping wagons will run on a shorter track, only within Slovakia. The last trains on the original route will be dispatched on Friday, September 25 from Prešov, and on Sunday, September 27 from Prague.

Trains running between Prague and Humenné:

  • Trains EN 443 Slovakia (leaving Prague at 22:15) and EN 442 Slovakia (leaving Humenné at 19:46) will not run between the stops in Prague and Žilina as of September 27 and 28, respectively
  • The trains will continue to operate on the route between Žilina and Humenné

No changes in yellow trains for now

The private railway carrier RegioJet does not plan to limit any of its trains running between Slovakia and the Czech Republic due to a high interest of passengers.

Moreover, it has reduced the price of tickets to both Košice and Bratislava, while the tickets for students will also be cheaper, it promised.

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