Our seconds today mean years of life for others, President Čaputová told the nation

She called on people to be responsible and considerate.

President Zuzana ČaputováPresident Zuzana Čaputová (Source: SITA)

President Zuzana Čaputová addressed the nation on September 28, as the number of coronavirus cases continues to steeply rise. She stressed that the second wave of the coronavirus does not take into consideration the good results from the previous year.

“We stand ahead of this test again,” Čaputová said. “At this moment, it is not a question of guilt and whose fault it is. It is mainly about the responsibility of each of us.”

State should have people’s trust

Čaputová noted that the success of the first wave lies at two pillars – early accepted measures and the solidarity of the public.

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She called on the government to base their measures on data and expert opinions and to communicate clearly, accept measures that are adequate, reasoned and predictable; only then will they be accepted by the public.

Čaputová noted that Slovakia needs to test more, to strengthen human resources and organisational structures, and increase trust so people can believe that the state is doing everything possible in the fight against the pandemic.

Seconds save someone years

The President warned against disinformation and says that she trusts that thanks to scientific discoveries, the virus will be under control within months.

Until then, she called on people to be responsible and considerate. “Let’s not make the situation lightly and let’s wear masks everywhere where necessary,” Čaputová said.

“To put on a mask, remember to keep distance and use disinfection takes seconds that may mean years of life for the most vulnerable among us,” the President noted. “Our seconds today mean years of life for others.”

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