New rules for wearing masks come into force in October

They will remain in place until further notice.

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Wearing masks outside will be compulsory again.

Starting on the morning of October 1, everybody who is closer than two metres from a person who does not live in the same household will be required to cover their face. The new measure will stay in force until further notice.

Also people inside who work closer than two metres from one another are still required to wear masks, according to the directive issued by the Public Health Authority (ÚVZ).

At the same time, the wearing of masks at school by teachers and other professional employees, pupils in the fifth-ninth grade of primary schools, and students at secondary schools during classes has been prolonged. Originally, it was supposed to end at the beginning of October.

Although children in the first to fourth grades are not required to wear masks during classes, hygienists recommend it.

Teachers and other professional employees and pupils are still required to wear masks when they are inside a school building, unless they are eating or drinking.

Some exceptions remain

ÚVZ has cancelled several exceptions, including:

  • children at a First Communion ceremony;
  • everybody taking entrance exams, exams before an examination board, language exams, the examinations of professional competence and at the end of education and training, and state language exams;
  • performers while making an audiovisual piece or producing an audiovisual programme.

These exceptions to wearing masks remain in place:

  • children younger than three years of age;
  • children in kindergartens and day care nurseries;
  • first- to fourth-graders in primary schools;
  • children with moderate and severe mental disorders or hearing problems;
  • people suffering from severe autism spectrum disorders;
  • public transport drivers who are sitting in a separate cabin;
  • people outside who are farther than two metres or live in the same household;
  • people doing sports;
  • people while shooting a picture;
  • the bride and groom during a marriage ceremony;
  • artists during a performance or participating in shooting a film;
  • people in wellness centres and swimming pools;
  • employees who are alone in the workplace.

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