Mostly traced contacts, hygienists say as numbers rise

Coronavirus is now causing problems in a major production plant in the east.

Weddings are risky when it comes to the spread of coronavirus. Weddings are risky when it comes to the spread of coronavirus. (Source: AP/SITA)

Slovakia made a leap in the number of performed coronavirus tests at the end of September.

The statistics published on October 1 have shown that out of the 9,170 tests that were done, 797 were positive. The nothern-Slovak districts of the Orava region continue to post high numbers of new infections, as well as the districts of Bratislava, Trnava, Košice, Senica, Nové Zámky, Bardejov and Nitra.

New measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus in Slovakia are now in place, but hygienists do not expect their effects to show for a few weeks.

Mostly traced contacts

Hygienists say most of the newly infected were found through the tracing of contacts of people who had been previously infected, the Public Health Office reported on its Facebook page.

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In Košice, the presence of coronavirus was confirmed in the plant of the U.S. Steel steelmaker. Its spokesperson Ján Bača told the SITA newswire that they have had 35 cases so far.

"The traced contacts from the known hotspots and contacts of the individual COVID-19 cases make up most of the cases in recent days," the Public Health Authority wrote, adding that the infection has been confirmed in families, workplaces, in social care facilities, and in people who have attended family gatherings and events.

Weddings are risky

"Gatherings with a larger number of attendees are particularly risky," the public health offices continue to stress. "Recently, we have confirmed COVID-19 in people who have attended weddings where guests from around the whole of Slovakia gathered, which led to the spread of the disease in several districts."

There are also cases that have been imported from abroad but these have only been found "to a lesser extent".

Hygienists expect the numbers to rise in the coming days because epidemiologists are tracing a large number of contacts in different regions.

"We understand that people are now tired of the pandemic and find it harder to tolerate the measures because they interfere with their regular way of life and complicate work for many," the hygienists wrote after calling on the people to stick to the measures.

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