The Constitutional Court will look into national emergency

Two motions have been delivered to the court, one from the General Prosecutor’s office.

Ivan Fiačan, head of the Constitutional CourtIvan Fiačan, head of the Constitutional Court (Source: TASR)

The Constitutional Court will check whether the national emergency declared on October 1 was constitutional.

It received two motions, one from the General Prosecutor’s Office and the other from a group of opposition MPs, its spokesperson Martina Ferencová confirmed.

Alternative proposed

Viera Kováčiková, first deputy of the general prosecutor, with her motion wants to remove any doubts about the constitutionality of declaring the national emergency.

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She also turned to the court, asking it to launch proceedings concerning the government’s orders to carry out certain measures related to the economic mobilisation, due to the national emergency declaration to secure solutions during the second coronavirus wave in Slovakia.

“Being aware of the seriousness of the situation, she proposed an alternative cancellation of the given declaration or its completion, which will be in accordance with Slovak legislation,” said Jana Tökölyová, spokesperson for the General Prosecutor’s Office, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

Ten days to decide

The Constitutional Court now has 10 days to decide, starting on the day when the motion is delivered. If it finds out that the declaration is not in line with the Constitution or constitutional law, it will cancel the declaration.

The government declared the national emergency as a response to the worsening development of the coronavirus pandemic. The emergency should be in place for 45 days, but the cabinet can decide on prolonging it.

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