Bratislava’s Old Town continues marking residential parking lots

Residential parking is marked on almost half of Old Town’s streets.

Parking is a problem in the centre of Bratislava as well as some its boroughs.Parking is a problem in the centre of Bratislava as well as some its boroughs. (Source: TASR)

Bratislava’s Old Town borough is continuing to mark residential parking lots in the Palisády zone. By the end of this year, it plans to add almost 380 lots to the existing 3,456. Of the new marked lots, 10 percent will be free, i.e. they will serve visitors, the borough informs on its web site.

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“After residential parking lots are marked in the Palisády zone, residential parking will be marked in more than one hundred streets, one half of the Old Town’s streets,” said Matej Števove, spokesperson for the borough, adding that there is not a fixed date for completion of this.

The borough’s company Technické Služby Starého Mesta (TSSM) started marking the Palisády zone on October 7 and plans to complete it by November 25. It will mark parking lots on 15 streets: Myjavská, Javorinská, Hummelova, Mošovského, Žiarska, Hlavatého, Lichardova, Bartoňova, Fándlyho, Krmanová, Bradlianska, Zrínskeho, Holubyho, the upper part of Šulekova and Partizánska.

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Parking in the Old Town is administered by two entities - the private parking company BPS Park and the Old Town council with each administering different parking zones. This is the result of a contract between BPS Park and the borough on the rental of 2,489 parking lots clinched in 2005 and valid until 2026. While the borough cannot withdraw from the contract without a hefty fine, it has managed to agree on a reduction of the price of BPS Park’s residential parking card from €60 to the current €39. The parking card issued by the Old Town will cost €10.

Residential parking was introduced in the Old Town in September 2010 and is in line with the planned whole-city parking policy to be launched next year. During the first phase, residential parking lots were marked on 30 streets.

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