UPDATED: 26. OCT 2020, AT 11:50

UPDATED: Speaker of Parliament injured in a car accident

He is suffering from a broken second cervical vertebra. It will likely take him several weeks to recover.

Boris KollárBoris Kollár (Source: TASR)

Speaker of Parliament Boris Kollár had a serious car accident in Bratislava.

Prime Minister Igor Matovič informed the public about it during his October 24 evening press conference.

"Let's keep our fingers crossed that these people do not suffer great consequences to their health," Matovič said.

Kollár has been hospitalised in Kramáre with a broken second cervical vertebra. It is expected to take several weeks for him to recover, the SITA newswire reported.

His bodyguard has broken some ribs and injured his head. The driver did not suffer any injuries, according to the Interior Ministry’s press department. The driver did not violate any traffic rules, Matovič said.

No details on the number of passengers

Shortly after the accident, several media outlets reported that Kollár was in the car with the former finalist of the Miss Universe pageant.

Michaela Jurcová, the head of the parliament’s press department, has not commented on how many people were in the car.

“We can’t comment on the number of passengers nor the purpose of the drive as the transport of the speaker of parliament is secured by the Office for the Protection of Constitutional Officials and Diplomatic Missions,” Jurcová said, as quoted by SITA.

Barbara Túrosová, the spokesperson of the Interior Ministry, under which the office belongs, has not commented on Kollar’s accident either, claiming that the purpose of the car journey is in the full power of the protected person.

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