Bratislava’s Mlynské Nivy Street is reopening on Monday

The street has been rebuilt into a modern boulevard bringing several improvements.

Rebuilt Mlynské Nivy StreetRebuilt Mlynské Nivy Street (Source: Courtesy of Bratislava city council)

The strategic Bratislava street, Mlynské Nivy, will reopen on Monday, November 16, bringing several improvements for car drivers, users of public transport, cyclists and pedestrians, compared to those expected from the original project.

“There will be more safe places to move for pedestrians and cyclists, more greenery and support for public transport,” said Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo.

The improvements include moving the cycle path to the northern side of the street, where it will be separated from the road. The pavements were widened from 4.2 metres to 5.5 metres. There will be also more greenery when 150 new trees are planted there.

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The rebuilding of Mlynské Nivy Street into a modern boulevard plus the reconstruction of the infrastructure and nearby streets for €40 million in total, is part of the Nové Nivy project, which includes a brand new bus station, Stanica Nivy.

The current city management led by the city mayor Matúš Vallo elected to the post in 2018, inherited the project from the previous management led by Ivo Nesrovnal. Their implementations, in combination with the impacts of the coronavirus crisis, postponed the opening of Mlynské Nivy Street to November 2020.

“We will try to apply what we managed to do on Mlynské Nivy Street to all public spaces,” Vallo wrote on social networks.

Public transport returns almost to normal

As of Monday, public transport will resume on Mlynské Nivy Street but the trolley lines have not been installed yet.

Thus the trolley-bus lines 202 and 205 will be secured by buses or dual trolley-buses, respectively.

The trolley-bus lines 208 and 212 will continue to run on their bypass lines. They should return to their original routes in mid December.

Bus and trolley-bus lines 21, 25, 50, 70, 88 and 210 will return to their original routes via Mlynské Nivy and will not go via Páričkova Street any more.

The routes of lines 21, 25 and 88 will start in front of the new Stanica Nivy bus station.

The trolley-bus line 210 will stop at a special stop in front of the new bus station.

The special bus line X72 will be cancelled and replaced by trolley-bus line 202.

Changes for drivers and cyclists

Mlynské Nivy will reopen for individual as well as public transport. Páričkova Street will open for individual transport in one direction – out of the city centre. Parking places will return to this street only after its reconstruction, which includes the building of a separated cycle route. The work is expected to be complete by spring 2021.

Due to continuing work on the new bus station, the boulevard traversing the new downtown of Bratislava will open without the new cycle path and the underground roundabout. They will be opened along with the brand new bus station.

Mlynské Nivy reconstruction

Reconstruction of Mlynské Nivy Street began in May 2018 and it was closed to all traffic in mid February 2019. Public transport buses and trolley buses bypassed the closed street via Páričkova Street while other traffic went via Landererova Street. The original plan was to allow the return of public transport to Mlynské Nivy Street in September 2019, while the rest of the traffic should have returned after an additional six months.

Works on the brand new bus station go on

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Work on the Stanica Nivy bus station continues. The developer is now planting on the future green roof and is working on the interiors of the station and its facades. The body structure of the 11-metre high, fully automated bicycle tower, that will provide parking for 118 bicycles, is already complete.

The bus station, including the shopping mall, fresh produce market, the green roof as well as the bicycle tower, is expected to open in late summer 2021.

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