Roundup: Bratislava’s Old Market Hall hosts Christmas markets

If you have not watched the 'Dracula' miniseries, filmed in Slovakia last year, it is about time.

Bratislava’s Old Market Hall will provide visitors with Christmas vibes in the coming four weeks. Each week, from Wednesday to Saturday, people can do a little bit of Christmas shopping at the venue. Bratislava’s Old Market Hall will provide visitors with Christmas vibes in the coming four weeks. Each week, from Wednesday to Saturday, people can do a little bit of Christmas shopping at the venue. (Source: Facebook/Stará tržnica)

Democratisation of fashion in Slovakia

Clothing is undoubtedly one of the non-verbal languages of an era, reflecting the position and role of men and women in society. Clothing of the 20th century is today exhibited in the Budatín Castle in Žilina.

"Fashion in the time of communism was simple and austere, but accessories were an important element," Magdaléna Lacková from the Považské Museum in Žilina said. Budatín Castle is part of the museum.

In addition, urban clothing began to influence fashion in the countryside in the 20th century. Post-war changes hit women's fashion more significantly.

"Women were taking on a more active position in public life, their employment was increasing and new opportunities for leisure activities were available to them," historian Dominika Hlobíková said.

In the second half of the 20th century, clothing was becoming practical and affordable, suppressing social differences. At the same time, women allowed themselves to combine colours and clothing parts more.

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Tatra Ice Cathedral is back

The Tatra Ice Cathedral, a popular tourist attraction located at Hrebienok in the High Tatras, has ceremonially opened for visitors. This year, it is inspired by the Church of the Saviour on Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Hiking trip: Zobor

The Zobor hill of 587 metres oversees the city of Nitra. Its top is easily accessible and the path to it is full of attractions. It has a rich history. From the hill, you can walk on to a Romanesque church in Dražovce.

“Listen to this American. He speaks Slovak.”

American Matt Reynolds visited Banská Štiavnica in 2004. Read about his night out in the small Slovak town and what he had to do to be able to check his emails.

Weekend watch

Speaking of Banská Štiavnica, the Dracula mini-series was filmed here in 2019, as well as in Zuberec and at Orava Castle. The television series premiered on BBC One earlier this year and is also available on Netflix.

Culture in short

  • INDEPENDENT CULTURE: The independent cultural centre Art Point in the town of Prievidza has closed permanently. The popular venue was long struggling financially, even before the pandemic.
  • OPERA: The Slovak Philharmonic will livestream another of its scheduled concerts on stream.filharmonia.sk. On November 27, classical music enthusiasts can tune in and listen to the works by Mozart, Wagner, Debussy, and Ravel. Beethoven’s Fidelio Overture, Op. 72 will open the concert, which will be conducted by Emmanuel Villaume.
  • CHRISTMAS MAIL: Ježiško (Baby Jesus) is waiting for children’s letters, postcards and drawings until December 17. The official Christmas mailbox is in the village of Rajecká Lesná, but children can send their wishes from anywhere in the world. They can do so online as well. The Vianočná pošta (Christmas Mail) project was launched by the Slovenská pošta national postal services provider in 1999.
  • BALLET: The Košice State Theatre - like other theatres and cultural institutions - is welcoming visitors back to its premises. Still, it will continue with the streaming of performances. On November 27, the M. R. Štefánik ballet performance, directed by Ondrej Šoth, will be streamed on here. Tickets can be purchased on this link.
  • GIVING TUESDAY: The international day of generosity, gifting and volunteering, which comes also under the name Giving Tuesday, will be held on December 1. How can you help? Well, based on your preferences, urýchľovač dobra (the accelerator of the good) may give you some great tips.

In a new song, Jaroš pays homage to his home

Slovak singer Miro Jaroš, who made a successful career as a singer of children’s songs, has officially released a new album – Milujem život svoj (I Love My Life), through which he speaks to grown-ups this time.

A first single off the record, which underlines Jaroš’s true talent, is called Hora (Mountain).

In the surprisingly powerful song, both lyrically and compositionally, Jaroš returns to his hometown.

“The older I get, the more I am disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the city,” Jaroš said. “Then I think of our mountain in Teplička nad Váhom, where I had my world, my refuge, my tree and meadows. I miss that quiet very much.”

When listening to the song, one cannot ignore the fact that it reminds them of another Slovak singer and hitmaker, Jana Kirschner. Well, she co-wrote Hora.

The video, which contrasts city life and Slovak nature, was filmed in Bratislava and in Teplička nad Váhom.

Weekend reads

Religious organisations help change Slovaks’ views of migrants

Caritas Slovakia is a Catholic charity that has become one of several important players in working to reshape negative attitudes towards migration. Through Project MIND and other initiatives, it is hoping to shift Slovaks’ reserved perceptions of foreigners.

Efforts to renew Bratislava’s Calvary halted by a pandemic

A well-known place to locals, not much to non-Bratislavans. The destroyed Calvary on a hill above Bratislava’s main railway station should be completed with new full-fledged brick chapels to resemble the original site. However, the plans have been disrupted by the pandemic.

A legendary Košice café was to shut forever. It will not

After 50 years, the café and restaurant Carpano on 42 Main Street in Košice was to close. But Košice locals wrote a letter to the Hungarian embassy, a new owner of the house, asking it to not shut the iconic café. They succeeded. Under communism, one of the first Italian restaurants in Czechoslovakia had also operated here.

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