Bödör reportedly paid €50,000 for non-prosecution of ex-economy minister's nephew

The former minister has reportedly met with the investigator who informed on the case.

Peter ŽigaPeter Žiga (Source: TASR)

One of the eight actions of the recent police operation Judas, which also resulted in charges pressed against former Police Corps president Milan Lučanský, involves former economy minister Peter Žiga and his nephew Štefan, the Denník N daily reported.

Former director of the financial administration Bernard Slobodník, who faces charges as one of the persons detained within Operation Purgatory and is now cooperating with the investigators, told the police how he took a bribe of €50,000 from Nitra-based businessman Norbert Bödör for not investigating Žiga’s nephew Štefan. Žiga denied all the allegations.

Bödör is currently in custody facing corruption and organised crime charges. The investigators believe him to have been the head of an organised criminal group that exploited the police for its purposes.

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The whole case should be managed by former economy minister Peter Žiga, back then a Smer member who has since jumped ship and co-founded the Hlas party with former PM Peter Pellegrini.

Slobodník talked about how NAKA organised an event focused against vast carousel frauds. The case was reportedly investigated by Slobodník’s man, investigator Marián Kučerka.

Meeting with Bödör

In May 2016, after the police event was on, Slobodník, Kučerka, Peter Žiga and Štefan Žiga met in Bratislava with Bödör. Kučerka explained what they found during the investigation and that one of Štefan Žiga’s companies was involved.

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About two weeks later, Bödör reportedly met with Slobodník and announced that the “issue of Žiga Jr. should be dealt with to his satisfaction.” Slobodník promised that he would take care of it and Bödör gave him €50,000. Slobodník kept half the money and the second half went to investigator Kučerka, also charged as part of Operation Judas.

Žiga Jr. was not charged back then. Denník N reported that he was only charged several weeks ago. He is being prosecuted at liberty.

Peter Žiga refused all the allegations.

“I consider them to be fabricated on purpose,” he stated, as quoted by Denník N. “I have never influenced any investigation, neither in my benefit or in the benefit of my relative.”

He also added that the police have not contacted him yet.

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