Regional Development is a long-term commitment

CTP wants to take part in regional development not only as a developer.

After acquiring a business park next to Košice Airport last year, CTP became a leader and the biggest developer and owner of high-tech business parks in Slovakia. Currently, CTP has several successfully running projects at development sites with good access and infrastructure. These projects prioritise variability, sustainability, efficiency and energy independence. We interviewed Stanislav Pagáč, CTP Slovakia Regional Director, about the developer’s activities, current situation and future plans.

Let’s start with a classic question you have surely been asked before: How were you affected by the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis?
The COVID-19 crisis delayed active projects throughout the entire industrial property market. A small part of the projects was cancelled; however, this has been compensated by the current rise in new projects that were created as a market response to the crisis. When compared to other countries, Slovakia did not suffer from the departure of lessees and companies, which demonstrates the high attractiveness of Slovakia. It proves this country is stable and able to create a good environment for production and logistics in CEE.

What further market development do you foresee and what other factors will have an impact?
The market will see an influx of regional logistics players, i.e. an increase of production companies in CEE after their return from Asia and non-EU countries. There has also been a new demand for city logistics as a response to e-shopping during the crisis. This trend is still here, even though the first wave of the crisis is over.

Have you seen any respective changes in the latest contracts?
Yes; the demand for such solutions has been on the rise. We are currently working on it and the results are to be expected in 3Q and 4Q 2020.

Logistic centres are the most significant part of your projects. Which segment has the highest share?
All of our ctParks are located at sites with developed infrastructure and a good connection to highways and expressways. In the case of Bratislava and Košice, you can also add railway transport and airports to the mix. Moreover, we are favourably positioned in terms of international transport to Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. This benefit is utilised mostly by automotive companies; it is a key aspect for them. Just look at Bratislava and Volkswagen, Trnava and PSA, or Žilina and Kia. Our portfolio also contains many companies from other industries. This spring, we handed over an area for the C&A fashion house, which was looking for a new strategic position in CEE. Currently, we are building a hall for HAVI, a logistics and delivery company working mostly with fast food places and restaurants.

Let’s talk about the last project you mentioned. At the gala ceremony, you said that the task of HAVI is unusual in the sense that it is non-standard and requires several innovative solutions.
We are always trying to make our clients as happy as possible and we usually go out of our way. That is why almost all of our solutions are custom-made. It has proven to be an excellent approach. The results you get back are efficient production, good logistics and a happy client. This particular project was about food products, and it goes without saying that this time the demands of the client were different. In terms of technology, the most impressive feature of the new hall will be three temperature zones intended for frozen, cold and dry food. They will use energy-saving solutions such as CO₂ cooling, LED lighting and heat recovery. The entire project will align with HAVI’s commitment to cut carbon emissions by 40% per metric ton by 2030.

ctParks are known for their many eco-friendly solutions.
Our halls and entire parks are no brown specks at the outskirts of towns. Our philosophy is to be as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. All our old buildings will be revamped in order to decrease their energy demand factor. We are the first developer in Europe to have only BREEAM industrial buildings in our portfolio. BREEAM is the initial and globally most widely recognised certification system for sustainability of buildings. We want to achieve a carbon-neutral park operation by 2023. We are also considering alternative heat sources such as thermal pumps for the administrative buildings and are ready to use photovoltaic panels. We use retention tiles too. When it comes to architecture, we do not omit green features, whether its planting new trees, or creating green facades and parks. We are also planning to introduce a rainwater retention system in order to decrease potable water consumption for applications where potable water is not readily available.

You have also been involved in public service activities in towns where you conduct business.
I believe that this is one of our most important tasks. Our company is committed to a long-term relationship, which is why we support communities at sites where our parks are located. We have always been respectful to all stakeholders. We want to be involved in regional development not only as a developer that brings new jobs. For instance, we are planning to build a cycling path in Trnava and we have planned a 500-square-meter public green area for Bratislava. We are really proud of delivering a new kindergarten pavilion in Voderady few years back.

What are your next intentions?
We should hand over and launch several projects by the end of 2020. Currently, CTP Group holds an area of more than 6 million square meters and our bold plan is to grow to 10 million by 2023. The situation surrounding COVID-19 proved that leasing logistics and production areas is the right choice for companies. This also supports our plan to expand into new sites within Slovakia.

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