Bratislava extends new waste collection system to other boroughs

Sorting waste into bags increases separation.

Collection of separated waste is changing in Bratislava.Collection of separated waste is changing in Bratislava. (Source: TASR)

Bratislava will gradually extend the new system of separation and collection of household waste to all 17 boroughs of Bratislava next year. The pilot phase was launched in seven boroughs in August 2020. The new system has turned out to be more effective and easier for citizens than the current system of collecting separated waste in special containers.

“Based on the evaluation of the first phase and the survey of citizen satisfaction, the city council considers the new system successful and has decided to continue it,” said Katarína Rajčanová, spokesperson for the Bratislava city council.

New system

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Bratislava is changing its system of separation and collection of waste paper, plastics, metal packaging and beverage cartons for family houses. Instead of putting separated waste into special containers clustered in so-called nests, households will get recyclable bags which are collected directly from the front of their family houses. Waste glass will continue to be collected in the existing containers.

The aim is to increase separation and maintain cleaner public spaces as well as to increase the ease of waste collection for Bratislavans.

The new system was initially introduced in the boroughs of Vajnory, Vrakuňa, Podunajské Biskupice, Petržalka, Staré Mesto, Devínska Nová Ves and Devín from the beginning of August.

The city council will next introduce the new system into three further boroughs – Rača, Nové Mesto and Ružinov - as of February 2021 and then to the rest of the city as of September 2021.

Citizens like the new system

The city council carried out a survey in November on a sample of 501 households to find out how satisfied they are with the new system. As many as 76.8 percent of the surveyed households consider the new system easier than old one. Also, 85.4 percent of the respondents are convinced that people separate waste better via the new system.

On the basis of the results of the survey, the municipal waste collection company OLO will increase the frequency of collection of filled bags and increase the number of bags allocated per household.

The city council also analysed samples of separated waste from all the boroughs to find out the scope of separation. The analysis has shown that within the new system, contamination of the separated plastic is only 11 percent, while within the system of waste collection nests the contamination was as high as 38 percent. In the case of waste paper it was 4 percent compared to 16 percent.

The city council estimates that the extension of the new system into all family houses throughout the whole of Bratislava might increase the level of separation.

“It is estimated that citizens living in family houses might increase the separation of waste by more than 20 percent,” said Rajčaková.

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