Roman lapidary in Komárno offers tour of ancient Roman monuments

If offers to visitors’ tours of ancient Roman stone-sculptural monuments that originated in Slovak area.

(Source: TASR)

The Roman lapidary in Komárno is located in one of the oldest urban fortification constructions, the so-called Bastion VI.

It offers visitors tours of ancient Roman stone-sculptural monuments that originated in the Slovak area.

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Meeting of Roman archaeologists

The lapidary belongs is a unique exhibition in Slovakia. It was made accessible at the beginning of the 1990s,” said museum director Jozef Csütörtöky, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

He added that several thousand visitors from all over the world have visited the exhibition over the decades. Even a meeting among Roman archaeology specialists took place here.

They collected sculptures from two Roman areas: The Brigetio legionary camp on the Hungarian side of the Danube River and from Kelemantia camp near the village of Iža.

“We present the biggest stone-sculptural monuments – sarcophagus, altar stones and various relief stones with inscriptions,” the director added, as quoted by TASR.

Plan in advance

The exhibition itself is sectioned chronologically according to the centuries when the monuments originated. The first gravestone that opens the exhibition originated in the first century.

It is a fragment of the gravestone on which a Celtic woman can be seen, probably the wife of a local Roman soldier, who arranged the creation of the gravestone for her.

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The director recommends planning the museum visit at least for one day, as Podunajské Museum offers seven permanent exhibitions and various temporary exhibitions in the centre of town and Bastion VI, part of the fortification system at the edge of the town.

In 1993, the Lapidary was awarded the annual prize by the magazine Pamiatky a múzeá: in 1994 for the monumental restoration of the Bastion VI building, and for the creation of the Roman lapidary the museum won an international award, the Europa Nostra prize.

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